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A didactic downloadable moiré demonstration kit

Welcome to the downloadable moiré demonstration kit which accompanies the book The Theory of the Moiré Phenomenon by I. Amidror, published by Springer.

The reason for this site is that moiré effects are always best appreciated by a hands-on experience. Static figures printed in a book can never offer the same visual insight into the moiré phenomenon as an actual manipulation of the individual layers in a superposition.

moire figure Online moiré demonstrations, although quite attractive (see the example on the left), do not easily lend themselves to manual experimentations. Moreover, they are limited by the monitor resolution to rather coarse structures (as an illustration, see for example Mathworld's moiré pattern). Only printers of 300 dpi or more can faithfully reproduce the fine structures that are required for a high-quality moiré demonstration. This is why we provide here a printable moiré demonstration kit, where each layer is given by a separate PostScript file that can be downloaded and printed on a transparency. By superposing these transparencies and manipulating them you will obtain a vivid demonstration of the moiré effects and their dynamic behaviour in the superposition. This demonstration kit will also allow you to make your own experiments by modifying different parameters (angles, periods, etc.) inside the PostScript programs, in order to see how they affect the resulting moirés. In addition, each of the moiré samples is accompanied by a short description and by a reference to the relevant sections in the book.

But besides being a valuable didactic tool for illustrating the moiré theory, this moiré kit may be also a real source of entertainment... Just try to superpose the transparencies in various combinations and watch the effects of moving or rotating them. A lot of fun and amusement are guaranteed!

The moiré demonstration kit - a guided tour through the fascinating world of moiré effects

Selected highlights from the moiré demonstration kit - if you are in a hurry

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Last modified: 2010/05/27