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Towards an Intelligent GRID Scheduling System

R. Gruber, V. Keller, P. Kuonen, M.-C. Sawley, B. Schaeli, A. Tolou, M. Torruella, T-M. Tran

Proc. of 6th Int. Conf. PPAM 2005, Poznan, Poland, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3911, Springer, 2006, pp. 751-757

The main objective of the Intelligent GRID Scheduling System (ISS) project is to provide a middleware infrastructure allowing a good positioning and scheduling of real life applications in a computational GRID. According to data collected on the machines in the GRID, on the behaviour of the applications, and on the performance requirements demanded by the user, a heuristic cost function is evaluated by means of which a well suited computational resource is detected and allocated to execute his application. The monitoring information collected during execution is put into a database and reused for the next resource allocation decision. In addition to providing scheduling information, the collected data allows to detect overloaded resources and to pin-point inefficient applications that could be further optimised.

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