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Downloadable Perceptually Tuned Grayscale Characters

The downloadable files allow you to compare EPFL's perceptually-tuned grayscaling method with traditional grayscaling and bi-level characters. Download the files and visualize them on an LCD display.

Attention: all browsers resample the tiff files according to the browser's window size. Therefore download the file to your computer and view it in your preferred image editor (Photoshop, PaintShopPro, etc..). Resampling completely destroys the perceptually-tuned rayscaling character images.

To download the files, click on the file name with the right mouse button.

Times 8pt BA5T8G.tiff BA5T8Nh.tiff BA5T8B.tiff
Times 10pt BA5T10G.tiff BA5T10Nh.tiff BA5T10B.tiff
Times 12pt BA5T12G.tiff BA5T12Nh.tiff BA5T12B.tiff
Helvetica 8pt BA5H8G.tiff BA5H8Nh.tiff BA5H8B.tiff
Helvetica 10pt BA5H10G.tiff BA5H10Nh.tiff BA5H10B.tiff
Helvetica 12pt BA5H12G.tiff BA5H12Nh.tiff BA5H12B.tiff


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