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Building 3D anatomical scenes on the Web

F. Evesque, S. Gerlach, R.D. Hersch

Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation, J. Wiley, Vol 13, 2002, 43-52

We propose a new service for building user-defined 3D anatomic structures on the Web. The Web server is connected to a data base storing more than 1000 3D anatomic models reconstructed from the Visible Human. Users may combine existing models as well as planar oblique slices in order to create their own structured anatomic scenes. Furthermore, they may record sequences of scene construction and visualization actions. These actions enable the server to construct high-quality video animations, downloadable by the user. Professionals and students in anatomy, medicine and related disciplines are invited to use the server and create their own anatomic scenes.

Download the full paper: PDF 792 KB


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