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Microstructure Imaging

Microstructure Imaging is an image synthesizing technique for creating images incorporating a freely created artistic or text microstructure. When seen from a certain distance, mainly the global image is visible. When seen from nearby, mainly the microstructure is visible. With microstructure imaging, the dots composing the image are microstructure patterns whose thickness is tuned according to the local image intensity. This generates very characteristic images which are hard to copy and provide two layers of information, the global image layer and the microstructure layer.

With an input grayscale or color image and a microstructure specified by a bitmap, microstructure imaging automatically synthesizes the target microstructure image. Thus, individualized security documents may be generated.

The image of the African warrior is composed of a microstructure representing the African symbols shown below.



* Synthesis of a target image from an initial bitmap pattern
* Thickness of microstructure adapts itself to the original image intensity
* Warping of microstructure
* Resolution independent
* Supports both black-white and color images


Design of large posters, advertisements, security (tickets, credit cards, banknotes, etc..), and special designs (stamps, logos, etc..)

For more information on this topic:

Artistic Screening

Screenart Pic]Artistic screening is a first generation image reproduction technique incorporating freely created artistic screen element shapes for generating halftones. Artistic screening enables the shape of screen dots to be tuned according to the artists intention. By creating artistic screens which may take any desired shape, screening effect, which up to now were considered to be undesirable, are tuned to convey additional information for artistic purposes. Furthermore, screen elements may undergo smooth transformation in order to produce special effects.

* Detailed presentation (English) or (French)

* Video movie presenting the ArtScreen concept. (QuickTime 5.2MB)

* Publications on the subject


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