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PS2 : References

Publications of the LSP

[1] B. A. Gennart, M. Mazzariol, V. Messerli, R.D. Hersch. Synthesizing Parallel Imaging Applications using the CAP Computer-Aided Parallelization tool. IS&T/SPIE's 10th Annual Symposium, Electronic Imaging'98, Storage & Retrieval for Image and Video Databases VI. San Jose, California.
Abstract Full paper (gzipped): Postscript 234 KB or (uncompressed): PDF 387 KB

[2] Marc Mazzariol, Benoit A. Gennart, Vincent Messerli, Roger D. Hersch. Performance of CAP-specified linear algebra algorithms. EuroPVM-MPI'97 , Krakow, Poland, November 97, LNCS.
Abstract Full paper (gzipped): Postscript 139 KB or (uncompressed): PDF 199 KB

[3] V. Messerli, B. Gennart, R.D. Hersch. Performances of the PS2 Parallel Storage and Processing System for Tomographic Image Visualization. Proc. 1997 Int'l Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Seoul, Korea, December 1997
Abstract Full paper (gzipped): Postscript 230 KB

*Other publications of the LSP on the subject are available online.

Related Papers

[1] A. S. Grimshaw, "Easy-to-use object-oriented parallel processing with Mentat", IEEE Computer, Vol. 26, No. 5, May 1993, 39-51.


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