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Visual and Technical Aspects of Type

R.D. Hersch Ed.

Cambridge University Press, 1993, ISBN 0-521-44026-2

Visual and Technical Aspects of Type gives an introduction to the rules of font design and describes how fonts and their metrics are managed by computers. It is the first book that contains contributions from both type creators and computer scientists. The aim is to provide insights into the production and rendering of digital type and to make traditional type design rules accessible to a wider audience. The first part contains an overview of the evolution of letterforms in their historical and cultural context. The second part is devoted to technical aspects of type; topics covered include character metrics, outline font rasterization techniques, and algorithms for various tasks. Finally, articles by Hans Meier and Fernand Baudin provide an interesting view of the progress of typefaces and page layout, and insight into future developments. This unique book will appeal to graphics designers, computer scientists, typographers and desktop publishers who wish to know more about computer typography.

Table of Contents

Letterforms: the Basics
André Gürtler
Letterform in a Historical and Cultural Context .......... pp. 1-17
André Gürtler
Visual Communication Systems .......... pp. 18-22
Christian Mengelt
Visual Aspects of Type .......... pp. 34-46
Mark Jamra
Some Elements of Proportion and Optical Image Support in a Typeface .......... pp. 47-55
Digital Standards and Algorithms
Jacques André and Roger D. Hersch
An Introduction to Digital Type .......... pp. 56-63
Jacques André
Font Metrics .......... pp. 64-77
Roger D. Hersch
Font Rasterization: the State of the Art .......... pp. 78-109
Jakob Gonczarowski
Industry Standard Outline Font Formats .......... pp. 110-125
Jakob Gonczarowski
Curve Techniques for Autotracing .......... pp. 126-147
Typographic Research
Hans Ed. Meier
On the Design of Barbedor and Syndor .......... pp. 148-164
Fernand Baudin
How to Use Ready-Made Alphabets .......... pp. 165-196
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