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Model-based synthesis of band moire images for authenticating security documents and valuable products

R. D.Hersch; S. Chosson

U.S. Patent No. 7,751,608

The present invention relies on a band moire image layout model capable of predicting the band moire image layer layout produced when superposing a base band grating layer of a given layout and revealing line grating layer of a given layout. The base band grating layer, the revealing line grating layer and the resulting band moire image layout may have a rectilinear or a curvilinear layout. Thanks to the band moire image layout model, one can choose the layout of two layers selected from the set of base band grating layer, revealing line grating layer and band moire image layer and obtain the layout of the third layer by computation, i.e. automatically. The presented methods may be used for creating an individualized protection for various categories of documents (banknotes, identity documents, checks, diploma, travel documents, tickets) and valuable products (optical disks, medical drugs, products with affixed labels, watches).

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