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Yule-Nielsen based recto-verso color halftone transmittance prediction model

M. Hébert, R.D. Hersch

Applied Optics, Vol. 50, No. 4, 2011, pp. 519-525.

The transmittance spectrum of halftone prints on paper is predicted thanks to a model inspired by the Yule-Nielsen modified spectral Neugebauer model used for reflectance predictions. This model is well adapted for strongly scattering printing supports and applicable to recto-verso prints. Model parameters are obtained by a few transmittance measurements of calibration patches printed on one side of the paper. The model was verified with recto-verso specimens printed by inkjet with classical and custom inks, at different halftone frequencies and on various types of paper. Predictions are as accurate as those obtained with a previously developed reflectance and transmittance prediction model relying on the multiple reflections of light between the paper and the print-air interfaces. Optimal n values are smaller in transmission mode compared with the reflection model. This indicates a smaller amount of lateral light propagation in the transmission mode.

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