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Ray scattering model for spherical transparent particles

L. Simonot, M. Hébert, R.D. Hersch, H. Garay

Journal of Optical Society of America A, (JOSA A), Vol. 25, No. 7, 2008, pp.1521-1534

We propose a model for the reflectance of a particle medium made of identical, large, spherical, and absorbing particles in a clear binder. A 3D geometrical description of light scattering is developed by relying on the laws of geometrical optics. The amount of light backscattered by a single particle is determined as a function of its absorbance and refractive index. Then, we consider a set of coplanar particles, called a particle sublayer, whose reflectance and transmittance are functions of the particle backscattering ratio and the particle concentration. The reflectance of an infinite particle medium is derived from a description of multiple reflections and transmissions between many superposed particle sublayers. When the binder has a refractive index different from that of air, the medium’s reflectance factor accounts for the multiple reflections occurring beneath the air?binder interface as well as for the measuring geometry. The influences of various parameters, such as the refractive indices and the particle absorption coefficient, are examined. © 2008 Optical Society of America OCIS codes: 080.0080, 080.2710, 080.2720, 160.2710, 290.4210, 290.5850.

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