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Predicting Transmittance Spectra of Electrophotographic Color

S. Mourad, P. Emmel, R.D. Hersch

Color Imaging: Device-Independent Color, Color Hardcopy, and Graphic Arts VI, SPIE Vol. 4300, 2001, pp. 50-57

For dry toner electrophotographic color printers, we present a numerical simulation model describing the color printer response based on a physical characterization of the different electrophotographic process steps. The proposed model introduces a Cross Transfer Efficiency designed to predict the color transmittance spectra of multi-color prints by taking into account the transfer influence of each deposited color toner layer upon the other layers.

The simulation model leads to a better understanding of the factors that have an impact on printing quality. In order to avoid the additional optical non-linearities produced by light reflection on paper (dot-gain), we have limited the present investigation to transparency prints. The proposed model succeeded to predict the transmittance spectra of printed wedges combining two color toner layers with a mean deviation less than CIE-LAB delta' E = 2.5

Keywords: Electrophotographic printing, electrophotographic process model, color prediction, device calibration

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