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Predicting the spectral behaviour of colour printers for transparent inks on transparent support

P. Emmel, I. Amidror, V. Ostromoukhov, R.D. Hersch

Proc. IS&T/SID Color Imaging Conference: Color Science, Systems and Applications, 1996, pp. 86-91

A spectral colour prediction model is proposed and applied to an ink jet printer. We limit the field of investigation to transparent inks printed on a transparent substrate. The proposed method is based on the computation of the transmittance spectra of colour primaries applying Beer's law, and on the calculation of their respective surface coverage using a high resolution grid. The proposed prediction model requires measuring the transmittance spectra of the inks and approximating the density distribution function of a single printed dot of each ink. We hereby obtain accurate spectral predictions of colour patches, while the number of required sample measurements is reduced to a minimum.

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