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Gamut expanded halftone prints

R. Rossier, R.D. Hersch

We propose a framework for printing high chroma and bright colors which are beyond both the display sRGB and the classical cmyk print gamuts. These colors are printed with a combination of classical cmyk inks and the two additional daylight fluorescent magenta and yellow inks. The goal is to enhance image parts by printing them with high chroma and bright colors. We first select the image parts to be enhanced. We then apply to their colors a gamut expansion that increases both their chroma and their lightness towards the colors located at the boundary of the gamut formed by the combination of classical and fluorescent inks. This expansion can be controlled by user-defined parameters. We create smooth chroma transitions between the expanded and non-expanded image parts. We also preview the printable gamut expanded image generated according to user-defined gamut expansion parameters. The resulting prototype software enables artists to create and print their own designs.

Download the full paper: PDF 970 KB


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