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Classical Print Reflection Models: A Radiometric Approach

M. Hebert, R.D. Hersch

Journal of Imaging Science and Techonology, Vol. 48, No. 4, 2004, pp. 363-374

The present contribution reviews the classical print prediction models of Williams and Clapper and of Clapper and Yule by pursuing a radiometric approach. The relationship between these models is established and the related respective contributions of Judd, Saunderson and Shore and Spoonhower are highlighted. Thanks to the radiometric approach, variants of the Williams and Clapper and Clapper and Yule models are derived in order to account for different measuring geometries (integrated sphere,45°/0° geometry or other bistatic geometries) and for different reference white reflectors (coated paper, perfect white diffuser). The radiometric approach presented here gives a more profound understanding of these models and of the corresponding physical phenomena.

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