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Color Imaging and Pattern Hiding on a Metallic Substrate

P. Pjanic, R.D. Hersch

Proc. SIGGRAPH 2015, ACM Trans. on Graphics 34 (3), article 130

We present a new approach for the reproduction of color images on a metallic substrate that look bright and colorful under specular reflection observation conditions and also look good under non-specular reflection observation conditions. We fit amounts of both the white ink and the classical cyan, magenta and yellow inks according to a formula optimizing the reproduction of colors simultaneously under specular and non-specular observation conditions. In addition, we can hide patterns such as text or graphical symbols in one viewing mode, specular or non-specular, and reveal them in the other viewing mode. We rely on the trade-off between amounts of white diffuse ink and amounts of cyan, magenta and yellow inks to control lightness in specular and in non-specular observation conditions. Further effects are grayscale images that alternate from a first image to a second independent image when tilting the print from specular to non-specular reflection observation conditions. Applications comprise art and entertainment, publicity, posters, as well as document security.

Download the full paper: PDF 8.29 MB


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