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Chromaticity Gamut Enhancement by Heptatone Multi-Color Printing

V. Ostromoukhov

IS&T/SPIE Symposium of Electronic Imaging: Science and Technology, Conf. on Device Independent Color Imaging and Imaging Systems Interation, (eds. Motta, berberian), SPIE Vol. 1905, 1993, pp. 139-151.

The present paper studies the chromaticity gamut of multi-color printing processes. Heptatone (7-color) printing - the most promising variant of multi-color printing - offers a significantly larger gamut than a conventional CMYK printing process, approaching CRT and film gamuts. The behavior of the process in the device-independent CIE-XYZ and CIE-L*u*v* colorimetric spaces is explored using the compound Neugebauer model developped for this purpose. A simple and straightforward Moiri-free separation process is proposed. The strong point of the proposed separation process is the fact that only 3 different screen layers are needed for any odd number of basic colors including black.

Download the full paper: PDF 859KB


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