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* Electronic Publishing, Artistic Imaging, and Digital Typography
R.D. Hersch, J. André, H. Brown Eds.
Proceedings 4th International Conference on Raster Imaging and Digital Typography, RIDT '98. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1375 Springer 1998, ISBN 3-540-64298-6

* Informatique Industrielle
Roger D. Hersch
Presses Polytechniques Universitaires Romandes, 1997, ISBN 2-88074-353-2

* The Theory of the Moiré Phenomenon, Vol. I: Periodic Layers (Second Ed.)
Isaac Amidror
Springer, 2009, ISBN 978-1-84882-180-4
Moiré book homepage

* The Theory of the Moiré Phenomenon, Vol. II: Aperiodic Layers
Isaac Amidror
Springer, 2007, ISBN 978-1-4020-5457-0
Moiré book homepage

* Mastering the Discrete Fourier Transform in One, Two or Several Dimensions: Pitfalls and Artifacts
Isaac Amidror
Springer, 2013, ISBN 978-1-4471-5166-1
DFT book homepage

* Visual and Technical Aspects of Type
Roger D. Hersch Ed.
Cambridge University Press, 1993, ISBN 0-521-44026-2


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